• Stronger than Ever, AND everyone else…

    Eriez, #1 in Magnetic Separators, continues to out perform all other magnets on the market today. Our new high-strength RE 7 permanent Rare Earth magnetic separators are capable of extracting the very smallest of ferrous objects and even work-hardened stainless steel from product flows.

    See latest advancements in magnetic strength including head-to-head comparisons in the new Performance Testing of Magnetic Tubes!

    Whether it’s protecting downstream equipment from damage, or ensuring your consumer products are free of metal contaminants, Eriez offers the leading technology to identify and remove all types of metals including stainless steel.

    New RE 7 Rare Earth Magnetic Separators up to 40% Stronger

    Eriez new permanent RE 7 Rare Earth magnetic separators are up to 40% stronger than other magnets on the market today. Eriez employed sophisticated finite element analysis to produce this incredibly powerful magnetic circuit intended for applications demanding the highest levels of product purity.

    Eriez’ RE 7 magnetic circuits are available in tube, grate, liquid-line trap and a wide variety of self-cleaning designs.

    Xtreme Metal Detectors in “Enhanced Platform”

    Combine the Xtreme’s benchmark-setting sensitivities with its feature packed controls in a high-pressure wash-down aperture head... all at an extremely attractive price, and you’ve got the best dollar-for-dollar value on the market today. In its base package, the Xtreme offers a huge 7-inch easy-to-use touch screen interface, multiple preprogrammed languages, easy set-up and reporting, multiple USB and interface ports, remote access and the standard high-pressure wash down design.

    Now Xtreme is available with an optional “Enhanced Platform” using advanced technology to detect metals in the most challenging applications. EP has shown significantly improved sensitivities in a range of dairy, cheese, meat and even rubber products.

    Eriez offers the Xtreme Metal Detector in tunnel, tunnel conveyor, vertical and liquid-line models with a wide range of reject options.

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    • Xtreme® Metal Detectors

      Eriez’ Xtreme Metal Detector sets the standard for “best in class” and offers the greatest dollar-for-dollar value of any detector on the market.

      • Detects ferrous and nonferrous contaminants
      • Xtreme® Sensitivity

    • RE7 Xtreme Rare Earth Magnetic Separators

      • Removes ferrous contaminants from free flowing materials
      • Xtreme® strength at low costs
      • Liquid or dry process

    • Vibratory Feeders

      Our line of compact electromagnetic feeders are used to for everything from simple metering to moving difficult products like flour, leafy or gummies, as well as high-speed packaging and high material load applications. All electromagnetic drives are extremely energy efficient, low maintenance with no moving parts, and can be mated with a range of sanitary and non-sanitary trays.

    • Vibratory Conveyors and Screeners

      • Sanitary wash down and quiet operation
      • Replaces unsanitary belt conveyors
      • Scalping, screening and sizing
      • Variable speed for precise control

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